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Where can I find a Cosmetic Dentist in Manhasset?

If you’ve ever considered what cosmetic dental procedures could do for your smile, you’re going to want to speak with our experienced prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist in Manhasset. At the office of Jeffrey H. Markowitz DDS, PC, we pride ourselves in making a comprehensive range of advanced dental services available to patients throughout the Manhasset, Great Neck, Flower Hill and surrounding areas. From the fundamentals in preventive, pediatric, and emergency dental, to the specialized provision of prosthodontic and cosmetic treatment services to improve the look and function of a patient’s smile, Dr. Markowitz has established an excellent reputation for achieving outstanding outcomes of care.

Cosmetic Dentist in Manhasset

When it comes to cosmetic dental services, we offer a fabulous selection of treatments to bring out the best in your smile. From tooth colored composite fillings and the highest quality custom crowns, bridgework and dental implants, to professional teeth whitening with Kör and porcelain dental veneers, we’re equipped to restore, whiten or completely makeover your smile! A popular option we offer at our office is Kör teeth whitening. We’ve helped countless patients lighten the shade of their teeth several shades! Our whitening treatment is safer, faster, and more effective than the over-the-counter products sold at the store. If you’re interested in a makeover for your smile, our cosmetic dentist in Manhasset works closely with you to develop a personalized plan to achieve your treatment goals. For many patients seeking to conceal minimal chipping, spacing, or crowding to transform the look of their smiles,  porcelain dental veneers provide an exceptional solution. As ultra-thin facings which are bonded to the lightly prepared fronts of your natural teeth, veneers are highly customized to the exact shade, shape, and proportions of your heart’s desire, capable of providing you with the smile you’ve always wanted.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities available with cosmetic procedures, plan on scheduling a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Manhasset. Dr. Markowitz and his team is more than happy to provide you with the professional guidance, treatments, and continuing care you can trust. To learn more, call the office of Jeffrey H. Markowitz DDS, PC at the number below today!

1129 Northern Blvd #401
Manhasset, NY 11030
(516) 447-7029

Where Can I Find A Unique Dentist In Manhasset?

Welcome to the office of Dr. Markowitz, a dentist in Manhasset specializing in prosthodontics. including all aspects of and implant dentistry, as well as full mouth rehabilitation. We utilize the latest technology in all our treatments and pride ourselves on our attentive, caring approach to dentistry.

Dentist in Manhasset

As a recognized expert in implant dentistry, Dr. Markowitz is the dentist in Manhasset to call if anything needs to be replaced in your mouth. He can provide virtually every type of reconstructive and cosmetic dental work ranging from a single tooth to all the teeth and gums in your mouth. He provides:

  • Dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth
  • Bridges to replace teeth
  • Crowns to improve and restore a damaged or misshapen tooth
  • Veneers to improve the appearance of one or more teeth
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Complex care management for individuals who have sustained injuries to the mouth
  • Teeth whitening for dull, stained or discolored teeth

While many other dentists can do some of these treatments, Dr. Markowitz is skilled and experienced in all facets of cosmetic, implant and prosthodontic dentistry. He is extensively trained in state-of-the-art techniques and procedures for treating complex dental conditions, and he has a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile and the preservation of a healthy mouth. Having completed a three-year residency in prosthodontics and maxillofacial prosthetics in New York City, Dr. Markowitz is part of an elite group of cosmetic dentists who possess the knowledge, skill, judgment and experience to achieve outstanding results in this rapidly evolving field.

Dr. Markowitz and his friendly, professional staff take pride in tailoring treatment to each patient’s needs and preferences, and we strive to make every visit as enjoyable as possible. Your dentist in Manhasset is located at 1129 Northern Blvd, at the intersection of Northern Blvd and Maple Street. Please feel free to schedule an appointment or to stop by to meet our team and learn more about the many treatments we provide.  


1129 Northern Blvd #401
Manhasset, NY 11030
(516) 447-7029